The Biology Outreach program has been in existence for 10 years and has provided high school faculty and students with invaluable resources. We provide six Biotechnology modules that are comprised of the necessary equipment and materials for a full lab exercise to local high schools. By using the kits, students get acquainted with a varied array of laboratory skills.  The Outreach program also provides training workshops and professional development for high school faculty; and Winter and Summer workshops on campus that provide the opportunity for students and faculty to use our equipment and lab facilities. There are also student volunteer opportunities such as preparation of the outreach orders, helping with workshop materials preparation, and small scale research with local industry.

Part of this program is based on California Lutheran University's Enriched Science (CLUES) program, which was developed by Professor Jim Wolf.
The Biology Outreach Program provides you with:


​Lesson Plans

​Workshops ​Equipment


​Technical Support ​Follow Up Presentations at Your School ​


All topics covered include:

​AKA: (Food Lab)​

​High Performance Liquid Chromatograpy ​Plasmid Insertion and Bacterial Selection

​Size Exclusion Chromatography

​DNA Finger Printing ​DNA Spooling


Central to the outreach program philosophy is the idea that we are here to help you with Biology in the classroom. Biology, by its very nature, is a daunting subject difficult to integrate into today's classroom setting.
Whether you are interested in attending a outreach workshop or have questions about using the program at your school (or just want to express some concern on how a particular lab may be made better) we are here to help.

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