Physical Science101 
PHYSCI-101 ​(22765), FALL 2016
Instructor Information​:
Ahmad Alshawa, Ph.D.
Phone: TBD
Office Hours and location: MW: 7:30-8:00am, ALLB 111
Meeting Information:
 Location: ALLB 111
 Lecture: MW: 8:00-9:20am, 
 Lab:  MW: 9:30-10:50am
Textbook​: An Introduction to Physical Science. 14th Edition by Shipman.
Lab Manual: Real World Science: Physics and Chemistry Applications by Ciardi
Class Notes:


Social Skills.pdfSocial Skills.pdf


​​​Chapter 1.pdfChapter 1.pdf

Chapter 2.pdfChapter 2.pdf

Chapter 3.pdfChapter 3.pdf

Midterm1 Review.pdfMidterm1 Review.pdf

Chapter 4.pdfChapter 4.pdf

Chapter 5.pdfChapter 5.pdf

Chapter 6.pdfChapter 6.pdf

Chapter 7.pdfChapter 7.pdf

Chapter 8.pdfChapter 8.pdf

Midterm 2 Problem Set.pdfMidterm 2 Problem Set.pdf

Midterm3 Problem Set.pdfMidterm3 Problem Set.pdf

Chapter 9.pdfChapter 9.pdf

Chapter 11.pdfChapter 11.pdf

Chapter 12.pdfChapter 12.pdf


Final Problem Set.pdfFinal Problem Set.pdf