Dr. Boo Su

BA of economics from Korea University
MA and Ph.D. of  economics from Michigan State University
Teaching Experience:
Lecturer: UCLA  , SDSU, and  JPL
Adjunct Faculty: Glendale, Santa Ana,
Cypress, Cerritos, SMC, El Camino,
South West, Rancho Cucamonga

2018 Fall
Office hour: M,W 08:30-09:30am, CCC-205     T,TH 08:00-9:30am   PCOH-120
Class Assignment   
class​​ time​ ​syllabus
Econ 201 ​100% on line                                                                      33657, 3360_ECON 201_SU,B.pdf33657, 3360_ECON 201_SU,B.pdf
Econ 201​ ​    M W 11:00am- 12:20pm CCC-504 33644_ECON 201_SU, B.pdf33644_ECON 201_SU, B.pdf

Econ 202    ​CCC 401 HYBRID S 08:00AM 10:30AM
**Short Term Class** 10/15/18-12/08/18
33889_ECON 202_SU,B.pdf33889_ECON 202_SU,B.pdf
Econ 202   T,TH 9:30am-10:50am, HSLH-206 33634_ECON 202_SU, B.pdf33634_ECON 202_SU, B.pdf
Econ 202 ​   M, W 9:30am-10:50am CCC-504 33646_ECON 202_SU, B.pdf33646_ECON 202_SU, B.pdf