Distance Testing
Students unable to take the ACCUPLACER English, ESL, or math placement test at College of the Canyons may arrange for supervised remote testing by following the steps listed below. Distance testing is only intended for students with special circumstances that would otherwise be prevented from taking the tests at College of the Canyons. Fees for remote testing (if any) are the student’s responsibility. If you are an International Student, please contact the ISP office for additional assistance (661-362-3580)
  1. An application to College of the Canyons must be submitted prior to requesting a placement test. It will take 48 hours for our system to upload the application.

  2. Contact the Assessment Center or Testing Center at your local college, university, or military facility to determine if qualified testing center personnel are willing to administer the ACCUPLACER test(s) to you in their testing center.

    • It is not necessary for that college or facility to be a user of ACCUPLACER 

    • Simply inform them that the ACCUPLACER test is administered remotely over the Internet, on a secure server, and that College of the Canyons will provide the authorized proctor with the necessary login and administration instructions. 

    • If a center is not available, you may ask any school, church, organization, or business to provide a secure and quite area with a computer that has access to the internet to test.


  3. Complete the top portion of the Proctor Approval form and have the proctor complete the bottom portion of the form. Once the form is completed, email or fax the form back to College of the Canyons Assessment Center (assessment@canyons.edu)

    • Proctor must not be related or have a vested interest in the student taking the placement exam. 


  4. Once we have verified the legitimacy of the proctor and that he/she is willing to administer the ACCUPLACER test, the assessment center coordinator will contact the proctor and will provide him/her with the necessary instructions to administer the test.


  6. Complete the test on the date and time mutually arranged upon between you and the proctor. 


  8. Once you complete your test, contact the assessment center so that your scores can be uploaded into your student records. Our staff will also inform you of any additional steps you should take at this time. Assessment@canyons.edu / 661-362-3457