Early Assessment Program (EAP)

Completion of the English component of the Early Assessment Program (EAP) with a score of COLLEGE READY/PREPARED will exempt a student from taking the English assessment test at College of the Canyons. Students with COLLEGE READY/PREPARED scores will be made eligible for English 101 or English 101H.
We only accept the English portion of EAP, we do not accept math EAP. You must take our math assessment to place in math.​
  • ​You must score at the COLLEGE READY/PREPARED level of the English EAP. A score of “Partially Prepared" or "Not Prepared” do not count.
  • Your EAP English score is good for two calendar years from the date that you complete it. Once it expires you will need to take our English assessment.
  • You must use your EAP exemption and enroll in English 101 or 101H within one year of graduating from high school. If that year passes and you don’t complete the English class you will have to assess at COC


The Differences Between ERWC and EAP

  • ERWC is accepted by the CSUs but not by COC. Students who pass the ERWC with a C or better can place directly into college level English at the CSUs but not at COC. Students who pass the ERWC must still take the English Placement Exam before they can enroll in COC English courses.


  • EAP is a Cal State University assessment given to high school juniors in the spring. A score of COLLEGE READY/PREPARED on the EAP will exempt students from taking the English Placement Exam at COC and make them eligible to enroll in English 101 or English 101H.  However, a score of CONDITIONAL/NOT PREPARED will not exempt students from taking COCs Placement Exam, even if they have passed the ERWC. 


  • Students who score COLLEGE READY/PREPARED on the EAP should submit their scores to the COC Assessment Center. The EAP English score is valid for two calendar years from the date that the student completes it. If it expires, the student will need to take the COC English Placement Exam before enrolling in English courses.

​​Check that you have scored at the English COLLEGE READY/PREPARED level before you proceed. If you do not have your results sheet you can verify your score by checking with CSU Mentor​.
Complete an application to COC and wait two business days for it to be processed​​
Complete the EAP Online Information Form.​ ALLOW two business days for processing!

Need More Help?​

For questions email the Assessment Center at Assessment@canyons.edu​​ or call us at 661-362-3457.​