​Rideshare Incentive Program

Our incentive program has been designed for COC employees to earn points and receive incentives for alternative modes of transportation. Before receiving prizes, each staff member must successfully complete a Rideshare application form which is available at the Campus Safety Office and also online under the Rideshare tab on the Campus Safety (Security) page. Employees will turn in a monthly incentive claim form, by the 10th of the following month, with photocopies of proof of purchase of all bus/rail passes (if applicable) to their supervisor who will verify, sign and turn it in to Campus Safety.
Our program will consist of four sessions annually. Each quarter session will consist of a three month period. At the end of each session, employee’s points zero out and they start over with the new session. The maximum number of points each employee may earn per quarter session is 75. There will be a luncheon at the end of each quarter session with a prize drawing for a $50 gift certificate to Westfield Town Center Mall.
Campus Safety will report to Payroll the value of gift cards distributed to employees as it is considered taxable income. Prizes may be picked up from the Campus Safety Office at the end of each quarter session or they will be distributed at the luncheon. Employees with any questions or concerns can contact the Campus Safety Office – Employee Transportation
Coordinator, Tammy Castor at 661-362-3516.

Quarter Sessions

January 1 – March 31
April 1 – June 30
July 1 – September 30
October 1 – December 31

Point System

Carpooling - 1 pt. per day
Bicycle, Walking, Bus or Rail – 3 pts. per day

*Gift Card prizes are as follows per quarterly session:

06 points = $5 for Campus Bookstore Barnes & Noble
12 points = $10 for ISSI Food Services
18 points = $15 for Coffee Kiosk
24 points = $20 Home Depot
30 points = $25 Best Buy
75 points = $40 Vons
*Prizes are subject to change without notice.