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MY MAJORS Workshops (COC Student ID# required)
MY MAJORS is a series of workshops surrounding careers associated with a variety of majors offered at College of the Canyons. Do you love history, social science, philosophy, or communications studies but have no idea what careers are associated with these majors or the salary you could earn? A Career Counselor will present 18 different majors to help you make an informed decision about your major and ultimately a career choice.  All workshops are held on the Valencia campus, 1.5 hours, and are held in Canyons Hall 201. RSVP preferred by not required, walk-ins welcome, bring a friend! See upcoming dates below:

Upcoming MyMajor Workshops: 
9/29/2015     Business (Construction Mgmt.)       10am-11am
9/29/2015     Mathematics and Philosophy      11am-12pm
9/30/2015     Sociology and Social Science     10am-11am
9/30/2015     Communications Studies      11am-12pm
10/1/2015     Psychology      10am-11am
10/1/2015     Political Science and Administration of Justice     11am-12pm
10/6/2015     English             10am-11am
10/6/2015     French and Spanish      11am-12pm
10/7/2015     Visual and Performing Arts       10-11am
10/7/2015     Liberal Arts & Studies, Early Childhood Education     11am-12pm
10/8/2015     History    10am-11am
10/8/2015     Technology (Computers)      11am-12pm
10/13/2015  Engineering and Physics      10am-11am
10/13/2015  Geography and Geology (Land Survey)      11am-12pm
10/14/2015  Biological Sciences     10am-11am
10/14/2015  PE-Kinesiology, Sports Medicine (Athletic Training)     11am-12pm
10/15/2015  Recreation Mgmt., Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt. (Culinary Arts)      10am-11am
10/15/2015  Automotive Technology, Welding Technology      11am-12pm
How to Choose a Major Workshop  (COC Student ID# required)
Are you undecided, have too many interests, or need help narrowing down a major that will set your career path? If you answered yes then we can help. Workshops lead by a Career Counselor, you will be given the tools and guidance to narrow your focus to select a major. All workshops are held on the Valencia campus, lasting 1.5 hours.
At this workshop you’ll learn how to choose a major and what techniques you can use to explore your options. Part of choosing a major encourages students to align their personality type with their interests. This workshop introduces two career assessment tools, the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It also introduces other factors to guide you through the process of choosing a major. You will leave the workshop with an access code to take the SII and MBTI and a better understanding of how to move forward with selecting the major that is right for you. Be sure to sign up for the MBTI and SII Results Workshop, to connect your personality type to your interests, after you have taken these assessments.
Tuesday, September 1st: 1-2:30 pm (Student Center 134)
Tuesday, October 6th: 1-2:30 pm (Student Center 134)
Tuesday, November 3rd: 1-2:30 pm (Student Center 134) 
At this workshop we will interpret your results from the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments. Discover your top career interests, identify with particular majors, and better understand your unique personality style! Assessments codes/access to these assessment tests can be obtained at the “Process of Choosing a Major Workshop” or from a Career Counselor. 
Tuesday, September 8th: 1-2:30 pm (Student Center 134)
Tuesday, October 13th: 1-2:30 pm (Student Center 134)
Tuesday, November 10th: 1-2:30 pm (Student Center 134)



















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