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At College of the Canyons Community Education we offer short–term classes and activities, easy registration, low fees and outstanding instructors.

The Community Education program offers non-credit, fee-based classes and activities designed to serve individuals with educational goals that do not require college credit.  Community education classes are offered

 in addition to COC’s credit program and are not academic equivalents or prerequisites of regular credit classes.  

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Healthcare Fire Safety 

January 25, 2019 Friday

February 2, 2019 Sat

                                                       February 23, 2019 Sat                                                          

March 2, 2019 Sat

May 17, 2019 Friday

June 1, 2019 Sat

June 22, 2019 Sat​


 New* Personal Branding: Building Your Online Presence and Brand

 Your personal brand is the engine of a successful career.

 Learn and explore the importance of having a personal brand in today's economy.

  • Having a strong online presence can lead to new jobs and career opportunities.  
  • Re-invent your online identity. e-invent your online identity.
  • reate and build your digital presence through the uses of social media, a blog, and/or a reate and build your digital presence through the uses of social media, a blog, and/or website.
  • How to describe your strengths, skills and the best approaches to promote your personal brand professionally online.
  • Next workshops starting January 29th
  New!   Commercial Drone Pilot Prep Certification at COC
Free orientation for enrolled and/or interested students January 26th 10:30a.m. - 12:00a.m.


Experts Speculate that by the year 2020 there will be over 23 million sUAS (drones) in service and based on the current aircraft to pilot ratio and the FAA requirement of one pilot per drone, there will need to be 650,000 commercial drone pilots to fly these aircraft.  Currently there are only 65,000 commercial drone pilots so get your RPIC certification for this industry that is taking off.
  • Part  One Drone Cert Prep for the FAA Part 107 RPIC Exam

The Commercial Drone Pilot Prep Course will prepare the student to pass the FAA part 107 Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC) exam and receive their RPIC certification.  This course work covers Regulations, National Airspace, Aircraft Performance, Operations and Weather. 

 Part Two  sUAS Pilot Training Course 
16 hours of hands-on physical flight training with various types of sUAS (drones).


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