15 College Success Tips
What are the 15 College Success Tips?  These 15 tips promote success for students in college.   Each week during the 15-week semester, faculty and students will focus on one tip. The college will disseminate information via classroom announcements, emails, and this website.  This information is designed to promote awareness of strategies and resources that promote success in college, including online postings, special events, counseling courses, workshops, and programs.    
Click here for suggestions for instructors on implementing these tips into class time and here to view a PowerPoint presentation showing improvement in success and retention rates in sections promoting these tips.
3.   Goal Setting
10.  Reading
11.  Relationships 
In addition to the 15 tips, COC offers Student Success Workshops in a variety of areas such test taking, avoiding plagiarism, and online research.  Please visit the Skills4Success page if you would like to take a look at the workshop topics.