Hybrid classes combine the learning formats of online and on-campus classes. In a hybrid class, you can expect to have some on-campus meetings, as well as complete coursework independently online. Online coursework is completed using Canvas or other learning management system.   


How to Identify a Hybrid Class on the Class Schedule

Hybrid courses are offered as both full-semester and late-start or accelerated classes. The image below shows the difference between an online and a Hybrid class listing:
Online Class Example Image 
    After registering for a Hybrid Course...
    1. Double check the schedule of classes and your Instructor's Orientation letter to know when and where your class meets.
    2. View the below Distance Learning Online Readiness materials to help you prepare for online learning.


icon envelope with letter: Read your Orientation Letter  icon image of map: Get Prepared with Quest   Icon image of keys: 3 Keys for Online Student Success

   Icon: Log into Canvas - Image with comptuter, screen reads "click here"   Icon - Top Canvas Tips - image of Canvas Panda   Icon - Online Canvas Tutorials - image  clipart computer with instructor      

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Distance Learning office. We are here to help you!