Information on Exam Proctoring for Online / Hybrid Students


Just like in face-to-face classes, instructors will determine the most appropriate method of assessing students for each class. See your instructor’s course descriptions for details on testing. Some typical methods include:

Proctored exams in an approved testing center:


  • If you live outside the Santa Clarita area, you will need to find an approved testing center, such as a local college or university. You must inform your instructor at the beginning of class that you will need to arrange for a proctored exam. It is YOUR responsibility to set up the appointments for proctoring exams with both institutions. Click here to learn about making testing arrangements with the TLC or contact the testing staff at (661) 362-3194 or


  • The TLC lab personnel will contact the local institution to confirm that the proctoring arrangements are appropriate and conform to standard practice, and inform the instructor. The instructor will inform you that the institution has been approved. The instructor will provide the exam to the TLC Lab personnel, which will send it to the proctoring institution. Take the exam and leave it with the institution. they will send it to COC's TLC Lab personnel, who will return it to your instructor.


  • If you are serving in the US military and are based outside the Santa Clarita area, you may arrange for a commanding officer to proctor your exam. Again, you will need to inform your instructor of this at the beginning of class.


Exams taken online: Some instructors may ask you to complete exams online, in a timed setting that ensures you will be focused completely on the exam.


Take-home exams: Some instructors may ask you to complete your exams in a take-home fashion. While you would be able to do additional research on a topic, you would also be held to a higher standard of analysis, writing, and research.