1.  What is an online course?

Online courses are conducted over the Internet and typically do not have meetings in a designated physical space.  Course materials are available online in our learning management system (Canvas). Class activities and instructor/student communications, are conducted by email or within our learning management system (Canvas).


2.  What computer skills do I need to take an online course?

You will need to know the following:

·        how to do basic downloads from the Internet,

 ·         how to send/receive email

·         how to use a word processor,  such as Microsoft Word, and

·         how to attach files.

You may also need to know, or learn: 

·         how to follow instructions for updating your browser,

·        how to download and install special plug-ins,

·         how to use a discussion board (on Blackboard), and

·         how to zip and unzip files.

Click here to view a list of computer skills tutorials.


3. How much does an online course cost?

The cost of an online course is the same fee schedule as an on-campus course.


4.  Is an online course easier than an on-campus course?

Your success in an online course depends on how you learn.  You can expect success in an online course if you put in as much study time and energy as you do in any of your successful on-campus courses; maintain good time management habits, and are familiar with technology.


5.  Would I have to be online at a certain time for class?

You may have to meet at a certain time for online discussions, but most of the work for an online course will be done on your own time according to your schedule - this allows you flexibility and the responsibility to stay on task. Check with your instructor for more details about your specific online course.


6. What kind of technology would I need for an online course?

You will need your COC email account, a reliable internet connection, and access to a computer. Your instructor may require additional materials or software. Contact your instructor for more information.


7.  What learning management system does COC use?

COC currently uses an online learning management systems called Canvas Your online course will either take place in Canvas.  You will need to log in to Canvas to access course materials, assignments, exams, etc. Your professor will provide specific details in his or her orientation letter.


8. Is there training on how to use Canvas?

Yes, Click here to view Canvas tutorials.


 9. What courses are offered online?

Click here to see a list of online courses available in upcoming terms. Be sure to choose “online” in the class type drop down menu.


10. How do I enroll for an online course? What about waitlists?

You register for an online course as you do for any credit course. All students must log in to MyCanyons. For questions about the waitlist, click here.


11. How do I drop a course?

You can drop an online course on MyCanyons as you would any other course.

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12.  When does class begin?

Your course begins on the date indicated on your course schedule and in the orientation letter.  Your instructor should send you an email to begin class proceedings. If you do not receive an email, you are still responsible for getting started with your class. Before class begins, be sure to read your instructor’s orientation letter.


13. Does the College of the Canyons Statement on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism apply to online courses?

Yes.  Any act of deliberate deceit in the fulfillment of a student's obligations to the academic community is a violation. Read the full College of the Canyons Statement on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism for more details.


14. Can I use financial aid to take an online course?
Yes. You can find more information on the Financial Aid Office website.


15. I have a specific question about the course and have contacted my instructor, but I haven't heard back. What should I do?

Sometimes online instructors do not begin interacting with students until the first day of class, so you may not get a response to a phone message or email until then. In that case, please contact the appropriate academic department for assistance.


16. If I have problems with Canvas? Who should I contact?

If your class is not listed on Canvas, contact your instructor.  If you are having problems within your course with assignments, tests, etc., contact your instructor For general Canvas issues, contact student tech support at or 661-362-3344 during the week and for questions after hours and during weekends call 1-877-889-9052.


17. What are some tips for succeeding in Distance Learning?
Awesome question! Click here to learn more.

18. Where can I get a print version of COC's cource catalog?
In an effort to keep materials updated (course offerings are subject to change), COC does not print course catalogs. Click here to see a current list of COC course offerings.

19. I have questions about my student email. Where can I find answers?
The Admissions and Records website has a helpful page about COC student emails.