Once You've Registered...

Before Class Starts

Step 1: Learn About Canvas
          Canvas will be your interactive "Online Classroom". Your "Online Classroom" is where assignments, discussions, quizzes (all depending on your instructor's teaching style) will be posted. Even though the Canvas course may not be available to you (or appear in your Canvas account) until the first day of class, you should still familiarize yourself with Canvas. Canvas tutorials

Step 2: Read Instructor Orientation Letter
          This should be reviewed before the 1st day of class, as it contains valuable information about your instructor, textbooks, exam proctoring (if necessary), etc.

Step 3: Buy Textbooks
          The COC Bookstore can help!

Step 4: Brush up on your computer skills
          You will need to be proficient with computers in order to succeed in your online or hybrid class. Brush up on important computer skills by viewing these tutorials.


On the First Day of Class

Step 5: Access Your Course​
          Canvas can be accessed at the Distance Learning site on the first day of your class. Instructors make their classes available on the first day of class. If it's not showing up on your Canvas account (and you've checked your My Canyons class schedule to confirm you're officially enrolled in the class), contact the instructor. Once you've logged into the class, do the following:

  • Print and read the syllabus.
  • Look for announcements.
  • Complete the course check-in activities. This is what will show you're active in the class and will help prevent you from being dropped from the class due to inactivity.
  • Email your instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

Step 6: Proctoring During Tests
          Some online classes may require on-site proctoring at either College of the Canyons or another approved site. Click here for details about test proctoring for classes at COC (coordinated through the TLC).