PAL Orientation Information

Complete the PAL Orientation 
If you would like to complete a PAL class in the upcoming Fall semester, please complete the orientation below to receive a "PAL flag" on your student account and be able to register for PAL classes. You will receive a notification email (please check your student email) when you are flagged. 
Note about internet browser compatibility: The suggessted browser to complete the orientation is Google Chrome. Old versions of browsers (including Internet Explorer) do not work well. Also, the PAL orientation requires the flash player plugin (it is not installed on Internet Explorer, you will only see a blank screen). It's best to use newer browsers, and to have all your plugins like Flash installed. If you are unable to complete the orientation from a home computer, please use computers on campus. Computers are available for use on the campus in the library, TLC and computer labs. 



The PAL Orientation for Spring 2018 PAL Cohorts will be posted soon.


Please note: This is not the New Student Orientation.

Am I Flagged Already?
You will receive a notification email at the time you are flagged. 
If you completed the PAL orientation and were flagged for PAL in a previous semester, you should still be flagged for PAL unless you skipped a fall or spring semester (you chose not to take any classes at COC for a fall or spring semester). When you skip a fall or spring semester, your flag is erased and you must complete the PAL orientation again.