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Please note: Blackboard courses are not available to students until the first day of class. If it's the afternoon on the first day of your class and your class is still not showing up on your Blackboard account, please contact your instructor.

Important Log In Information  
YOUR 7-digit student ID (for example, ID #0123456 would log in 0123456)
student (For current/past Blackboard students, use the password you submitted.)
Once you log in, you should change your password to something unique that you will remember.
Instructors should not use Internet Explorer when editing their course. Some functions on Blackboard don't work with the newest versions of IE. 


Note: Most professors do not grant students access to their course on Blackboard until the first day of class (not necessarily first thing in the morning). If you want to double check to make sure you're actually enrolled in a class, check your schedule on MyCanyons. If you've confirmed in your schedule on MyCanyons that you're officially enrolled in the class and you cannot see the class, contact the instructor.

Blackboard is the course management system that is used for most of the online and hybrid courses at College of the Canyons. The link below will provide you access to a variety of video tutorials to assist you with using the system.

Student Tech Support: 
Get help with:
1. Forgetting Login ID or username
2. Unable to find their documents/not appearing on their Internet Explorer or Chrome and having to switch to Firefox
3. Help navigating their BlackBoard account; where to find assignments and submit them, and
4. Inability to resubmit assignments (Have to contact professor for permission to resubmit)
Only supports Blackboard. Please contact the publisher for support with textbooks, textbook websites, and other 3rd party learning platforms. Examples include Pearson products, McGraw-Hill products, CourseCompass, Connect4Education, etc.
Phone Number: 661-362-3344
Winter 2016 Hours:
Monday & Thursday: 9:15am - 4:45pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 9:15am - 6:45pm
Friday and Saturday Closed
Spring 2016 Hours: 
Monday - Thursday 8:15am - 7:45pm
Friday and Saturday 9:15am - 12:45pm

Email will be replied to within 24 business hours. If you are having problems within your course with assignments, tests and the like, please contact your instructor.


    A little information about courses that do not use the Blackboard course management system:

    College of the Canyons only supports the Blackboard course management system. Several courses use the CourseCompass system. The appearance of CourseCompass resembles Blackboard, but you will need an activation code to access the class. This code is bundled with the textbook you purchase in the College bookstore. Access code information will also be provided in your instructor's orientation letter.
    Music courses use specially prepared CDs for use on your computer. Please contact your music professor or read their orientation letter for additional information.