Nutrition for Fitness and Balanced Living
2-unit, CSU transfer credit (Category E)
Instructor: Sheri Barke, MPH, RD, CSSD
What is this course about?
This course examines the physiological, social, psychological, and environmental factors that influence a person’s eating behaviors, physical activity patterns, and body image. It empowers students to develop and promote healthy eating and physical activity attitudes and behaviors for themselves and for others. 

This course goes beyond the science of nutrition and exercise by focusing more on…
  • the psychology of eating/activity behavior (including stress and disordered eating, body image and weight prejudice, cognitive distortions and self-talk, and the parent-child feeding relationship).
  • practical tools for eating well, being active, and feeling good (including how to eat on the run, deal with difficult social eating situations, eat for optimal exercise performance, grocery shop and cook, manage stress, and evaluate popular diets and supplements).
  • strategies for promoting healthy eating and physical activity at the community and individual levels (including what role the food industry, schools, and government should play in reducing the “toxic food environment” and what specific steps parents, teachers, and health professionals can take to avoid inadvertently increasing disordered eating and weight problems).
Who should take this course?
  • On a personal level, ALL students will benefit.
  • On a professional level, this course is particularly important for students in the following fields: nursing, nutrition/dietetics, public health, physical education/kinesiology, athletic training, teaching, early childhood education, psychology, and sociology.
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For more info, contact Sheri Barke, MPH, RD at the COC Student Health & Wellness Center, 661-362-3244 or sheri.barke@canyons.edu.