Sheri BarkeWelcome to the Nutrition Coach web site!
My name is Sheri Barke. I am the Sports & Wellness Dietitian at the COC Student Health Center. This web site was created to help prevent nutrition-related health problems (including eating disorders, disordered eating, obesity, and poor nutrient intake) which threaten students' academic and developmental success.  
On this site, you'll get accurate information about nutrition and learn how to deal with the unique challenges that students face to eating well, being active, and feeling good about their bodies in college.  
I hope this site, along with my other nutrition services and FREE wellness seminars & events, 
will help you achieve health, happiness, and balanced living.
Healthy regards,
Sheri Barke, MPH, RD, CSSD
Sports & Wellness Dietitian
COC Student Health Center 
661-362-3244 *
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