Congratulations to our COC Honors Program Graduates! 
​Younus Al-Bojermi Ranna Alrabadi​ Ryan Arroyo​
​Asa Asai​ Joanna Baca Shawnee Badger
Brandon Beggs​​ ​Brenden Benjamin ​Issac Chung
​Sierra Clark ​Jeremy Dominguez ​Jarrett Duran
​Jaren Gaither ​Carlos Garcia ​Brooke Garelick
​Kesha Gupta-Fields ​Amanda Hernandez ​Shervin Jalili
​Antonio Jimenez ​Jamie Kayser ​Ana Maria Kean
​Justine Lesourd ​Audrey Lopez ​Alessandra Martinez
​Joseph Martinez ​Megan Maxwell ​Michael Parsakia
​Kevin Ponek ​Tyler Rodriguez ​Lily Rosenberg
​Molly Ryan ​Victor Schmitd ​Griffin Scott
​Jonathan Semerjian ​Tory Singer ​Nicole Stone
​Yeshay Thaye ​Mackenzie Thurston ​Sierra Turner
​Victoria Vales ​Jessica Yamauchi ​Enrique Ybarra
​Maisha Zahid
Congratulations to our Transfer Alliance Program Transfer Students!
​Younus Al-Bojermi Murad Alostaz​ Joanna Baca​
​Shawnee Badger ​Brandon Beggs ​Brenden Benjamin
​Isaac Chung ​Tara Deane ​Kayla Geeslin
​Amanda Hernandez ​Shervin Jalili ​Antonio Jimenez
​Alessandra Jimenez ​Michael Parsakia ​Tyler Rodriguez
​Molly Ryan ​Victor Schmitd ​Griffin Scott
​Jonathan Semerjian ​Yeshay Thaye ​Mackenzie Thurston
​Sierra Turner ​Enrique Ybarra ​Maisha Zahid



Honor Student Pictures



 Spring 2016 Advisory Committee Meetings

Time: 4:00-5:30pm


(conference room right at the entrance)

February 17

​March 2, 16

Spring Break

April 20

​May 4

  HTCC presenters.jpg
HTCC Presenters (from left to right): Savannah Macias, Anthony Tashjian, and Lisa Tenorio
 Attention Students: 
Starting Fall 2016, Honors courses will be restricted to only Honors students. If you want to take honors classes, become an Honors student by filling out the online application. Make sure to check the eligiblility criteria for joining. 


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