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Welcome to the College of the Canyons Alpha Nu Xi Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society!

Congratulations to our Graduating and Transferring Students

Christina Aguiar
Madeline Rose Altieri
Agelica Monique Chavez
Carolina Chavez
Kimberly Cowgill
Abigail De Sesa
Vahid Hamzeinejad
Nimsa Hovizavi
Kendall Jackson
Renneker Jenkins
David Kim
Enoch Kim
Susan Kim
Sossie Sabounjiam
Shawnee Stump
Michael Szilagyi
Jesse Warme
Angela K. Watson Parker

2014 Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award

Congratulations Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Nu Xi Chapter Honor Society for being one of 50 chapters out of 1300 to win the Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award.

They were also awarded:

Distinguished Chapter Award

Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Award


Top 100 Chapters



All California Academic Team 2014


From left to right: Ryan McPeters, Shawnee Stump, Jessie Warme, and Craig Dermody.

Craig Dermody also won the Coca-Cola Gold Scholar Scholarship for $1,500.


Honors Study Topic

2014 - 2016

Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration


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