Steps to Becoming a COC student under F-1 status:
  1.   Submit the application documents listed on the checklist on the Application Form​.
2.    Receive* the certificate of eligibility (I-20 form) for F-1 status
    *College of the Canyons and the ISP office will evaluate your application and documents and, if complete, will issue the acceptance letter. It will also offer the I-20 form for outside-the-country and change-of-status applicants. This provides the authorization needed for student visa or change-of-status application. The applicant will also receive a letter of acceptance and more information regarding the visa interview and possible arrival in the U.S. as an international student.
3.    Pay the SEVIS fee to the U.S. Government either through the online services at or in person at the U.S. embassy.
4.    Depending on your petition: schedule a visa-interview appointment with the US embassy, or mail your change-of-status petition to the USCIS.
5.    For outside the U.S. applicants: Attend the visa-interview appointment. 
6.    Make travel plans, arrive in the U.S., obtain a stamp on the arrival departure form (form I-94), and obtain student status for the duration of your studies in the U.S.
7.    Check in at the college's International Students and Program office (ISP), and make a counseling appointment.
8.    Attend the required orientation for new international students and register for classes for the first semester (12 units). Payment for the classes is required at the time of registration.
9.    Purchase books and class supplies as needed. Start your studies at College of the Canyons. Completing the semester with 12 units is a requirement.
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