Applicants - Tuition, Fees and Living Expenses Estimates


Total Minimun Required Funding for One Academic Year:                                                              19,500 USD       

Below are calculations and sum totals of individual expenses:



Estimated Tuition and Fees for one academic year                                                                                              6,194 USD  

  Current tuition is 256 USD per academic unit. Enrollment in 12 units per semester is required of all international students.

  Total Tuition fees per academic year are:  256 USD per units X 12 units x 2 = 6,144 USD  
  Additional fees called enrollment fees are due at the time of registration
                        Annual Student Center Fee                                10 USD
                        Health fee 19USD x 2 semesters                        38 USD
                        Student Representative Fee $1x2 semesters         2 USD
Other fees may apply please check the fee schedule published by the Student Busiiness Office
Estimated Books and Supplies Fees For One Academic Year:                                                                                                   906 USD



Estimate Living Expenses for One Academic Year                                                                                                                 12,400 USD

    How did we estimate the living expenses:

    Our academic year is 10 months. 

    Room rent                                           705   USD per month

    Food and other living costs                    400   USD per month

    Local Bus pass fees are                          35   USD per month 

    Heath Insurance is an average of            100  USD per month



These estimates were accurate at the time they were published and are subject to change at any time.