iCOC Passport Program

Want a great way to escape the SCV without crushing your travel budget?

Want to get a flavor of what life might be like for people living in places far far away?

Want to meet people as curious as you?

Want to see things few have seen before, right here on the COC campus?


Then hook-up with the iCOC Passport program, see what it's like in  foreign countries, experience interesting ideas, meet interesting people,

and win win win mystery raffle prizes!

(hint: think mini iPad)


·         Pick-up a free iCOC Passport  from the International Services & Programs office front desk.  Print your name and your phone # on your passport by the Eiffel Tower!
v  Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 9-4.  Friday 9-12.
v  We are located in the Student Support Center building #123.  It is located across from the iCUE (Culinary Institute) building that is under construction by parking lot 14.
·         Attend ANY event on Campus that you feel has an “International Flavor.”
·         Participate in the event to the best of your ability.  Really immerse yourself!
·         Enter the name, date, & time of the event into your passport.  Have the event coordinator sign for your participation.
·         Turn in your passport to our office by November 17th for entrance into the raffle.
·         Attend the iCOC thank you meeting on November 20th