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ad•vo•cate: (verb) publicly recommend or support

Institutions that rely on government funding require firm and vocal public support during uncertain times. As such an institution, College of the Canyons needs you to voice your opinion on some crucial issues facing community colleges statewide. We need your help to influence:
  • the governor and Legislature to provide adequate funding for College of the Canyons and all community colleges in the state.
  • congressional leaders to rethink and refine several legislative packages affecting programs administered by community colleges particularly in the area of workforce training.
Thank you for visiting, and please visit us again, as these pages will adapt to reflect the issues as they evolve.​

Community College Funding: How You Can Help

You can help by sending a letter to the governor and our legislators regarding the proposed community college funding formula. A sample template letter is available below.

Here's the background:
  • In January 2018, Governor Brown proposed a new formula in his 2018-19 state budget to fund California’s 114 community colleges. 
  • Currently, community colleges are funded based on their enrollment – the number of students who take classes. 
  • The new formula proposes to distribute funding based on a three-part formula that includes enrollment (50%), service to financially needy students (25%) and student success (25%), which is defined as students who earn a degree or certificate, or transfer to a 4-year university, within three years. 
  • Based on our analysis of the proposed formula, College of the Canyons would lose $4.4 million of annual revenue beginning in the second year of implementation. 
  • The impact of this revenue decline means funding would not be available to add more class sections and serve more students in high demand areas, such as the sciences and health care professions.EndFragment
  • This funding cut would halt efforts to expand services to the local workforce through noncredit career education programs. We have been working for the past year to grow these programs in response to local industry need.
  • The new formula would take effect July 1, 2018, after little public input and limited testing of potential impacts. In fact, we have not yet seen the final formula. It is still being developed, and is not expected to be released by the governor until mid-May. We are required to pass our own local budget by mid-June, so this creates a significant financial planning challenge for the next fiscal year. 
  • By contrast, when the K-12 funding formula was changed, it underwent a 2-year development process of collaborative evaluation and testing. 
  • While  funding formula reform is certainly needed, ample time should be given for thorough development and testing before implementation. This will help prevent unintended consequences and ensure all community colleges are equitably funded.
Thank you for your assistance with this vitally important issue!

Sample Letter: Word | PDF
California State Capitol