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Annual Report

Annual Report
2012-13 Annual Report (PDF, 2.1 MB) l Download

40 Years in the Making

40 Years in the Making
A historical review of College of the Canyons, published to commemorate the college's 40th anniversary during the 2009-10 academic year. Published in 2010. (140 pages)

40 Years in the Making (PDF, 5.4 MB) l Download

Celebrating 5 Years

Celebrating 5 Years
A historical retrospective celebrating the first five years of the Canyon Country campus. Published in 2012.

Overview, Small Format (PDF, 4.1 MB) l Download
Complete, Large Format (PDF, 10 MB) l Download
Complete, Large Format (PDF, 2 MB) l Download


Strategic Plan​

Executive Summary (7 MB) l Download
Goals 2012-15 (2.3 MB) l Download
Accomplishments 2009-12 (1.1 MB) l Download
Goals 2008 & Beyond (1.8 MB) l Download
Accomplishments 2005-08 (2.5 MB) l Download

Economic Impact Report
These reports examine the college district's economic impact on the Santa Clarita Valley.
2012-13 l Download​
2008-09 l Download
2005 l Download

Fact Book
The Fact Book provides a wealth of information, statistics and data about the college and the community it serves. (Multiple versions, by year)
2014 l View​
2013 l View
2011 l View​
2010 l View​
2008 l View
2005 l View​
2004 l View​​
2003 l View​​​

Fact Sheet
The Fact Sheet provides information, statistics and data in an abbreviated format. (Multiple versions, by year)
2012 l View​
2011 l View
2010 l View
2009 l View
2008 l View
2005 l View​​
2004 l View​​​​
2003 l View​​​​
2002 l View​​​​
2001 l View​​​​​​

Canyon Country Campus: First Year
A review of the 2007-08 inaugural year for the Canyon Country campus. (6-panel, large-format trifold, 908K)
First Year in Review l Download​

Decade of Progress
This retrospective takes a look at College of the Canyons in the 1990s, a period that saw unprecedented growth in enrollment, facilities and new educational programs. Published in 2002.
Decade of Progress l Download​

Breaking News

 Breaking News
Summer 2014 l Download
Fall 2013 l Download
Spring 2013 l Download
Winter 2012 l Download
Spring 2012 l Download
Summer 2011 l Download
Fall 2010 l Download
Summer 2010 l Download
Fall 2009 l Download
Spring 2009-2 l Download
Spring 2009-1 l Download
Winter 2008 l Download
Fall 2008 l Download
Spring 2008 l Download
Winter 2007-08 l Download
Fall 2007 l Download
Summer 2007 l Download
Winter 2006-07 l Download
Fall 2006 l Download

The Bottom Line
Winter 2013 l Download
Spring 2013 l Download
Fall 2011 l Download
Fall 2010 l Download
Summer 2010 l Download
Fall 2009 l Download
Spring 2009 l Download
Winter 2008 l Download
Fall 2008 l Download
Summer 2008 l Download
Spring 2008 l Download
Winter 2007 l Download
Fall 2007 l Download
Fall/Winter 2004 l Download
Summer 2004 l Download
Spring 2004 l Download
Fall 2003 l Download
Spring 2003 l Download
Fall 2002 l Download
Summer 2002 l Download
Spring 2002 l Download
Fall 2001 l Download
Summer 2001 l Download