How to Receive a Refund

The student must drop their class prior to the refund deadline date. (Refund Deadline Dates are printed on the Student Billing / Registration Statement available through My Canyons.)
All classes dropped on or prior to the refund deadline date are eligible for a full refund. 
Any class dropped after the refund deadline date, is not eligible for a refund. (If you have an extenuating circumstance that prevented you from dropping your class on time, please see the College's Late Refund Policy to see if you may qualify for a late refund.)
All available credit balances/refunds will be automatically refunded at the end of each semester.
Credit balances/refunds cannot be transferred to the next semester/term.
Can I receive my refund sooner than the end of the semester?
If you wish to receive your refund prior to the end of the semester, priority refund requests can be made online by logging into “My Canyons” and going to Online Refund Request or in person at the Student Business Office.
How does the Online Refund Request work?
The online refund request system will only allow one request. Separate requests are not needed for each dropped class. If an additional request is attempted, an error message will be received letting you know that there is already a request on file. When your refund is processed, you will be refunded for all dropped classes or available credit on your account.  
Before requesting a refund, classes must be dropped prior to the refund deadline date. Selecting the Online Refund Request will NOT drop your classes. If a message is received stating that there is no credit available, please verify that classes were dropped prior to the posted refund deadline dates.
Upon completing your request, a confirmation will be received.
How long will it take to process my request?
Requested refunds take approximately six (6) weeks to process after the refund deadline date. 
Unrequested refunds will be processed prior to the end of the semester.
How will I receive my refund? 
If the original payment for classes was paid online by credit card and it is within ninety (90) days of payment, the refund will be applied back to the original credit card used. If the original payment for classes was paid by cash, check, money order, credit card in person at the Student Business Office or credit card payment online that has been more than ninety (90) days a check will be issued. If you have had multiple payments, the last payment made will be the first source that the refund is applied. All checks will be mailed out to the current legal mailing address on file. If you have moved, please update your address. Addresses may be updated by logging into “My Canyons”.
What happens if I no longer have the credit card that was used for payment?  
Credit Card laws require that any refund issued within a reasonable amount of time from the purchase, be returned back on the card that was used. In most cases, once the account has been closed and all transactions have been settled, the credit card company will issue a refund for the overpayment. Please check with the credit card company on the status of your refund. In the event that the account has been settled and the bank returns the funds to the College, the College will re-issue the refund in a form of a check.