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Step 5 - Register/Pay for Classes 

You can begin registering for classes on your assigned date and time, which can be found in your My Canyons account. 

Your registration date and time will be posted on your My Canyons account under My Registration Time on April 1 for Summer / July 1 for Fall / October 1 for Spring and Winter.  Registration occurs online, and may be completed on or after your assigned date and time.  There are two ways you can register for classes:

  •  Using My Canyons, you will select Register/Add classes.
  •  If your My Academic Plan (MAP) is completed for the term you are registering for, you can register directly from your plan.

Payment for your classes is due at the time you register.  Your registration process is not complete until you have paid for your classes.  To view your semester statement, please select Student Bill/Reg. Statement in My Canyons. 


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Want to Earn an Earlier Registration Date for an Upcoming Term or Semester?
Complete Application, Orientation, Assessment, and Academic Advisement Steps by:
June 30th for Fall | September 30th for Winter or Spring | March 31st for Summer

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