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                                    Testing in The Learning Center

The Learning Center offers a variety of testing venues to meet student and faculty needs. Testing rooms are available for make-up exams, DSPS accommodations, and exams on the computer. In order to take an exam, all students are required to show picture identification. No exams will be given out without picture dentification – No exceptions. Additionally, examinations are not given out one hour prior to closing. Students will make arrangements to take an exam in TLC on either campus with their instructor.  

                                                                  Testing in the Learning Center (COC Students)

The Learning Center (TLC) offers a variety of testing venues to meet student and faculty needs. Testing rooms are available for make-up exams, DSPS accommodations, and exams on the computer. To best serve students enrolled in face-to-face classes who need to complete exams in The Learning Center (TLC) and to ensure that TLC continues to provide a secure testing environment, we request that students follow specific testing guidelines and procedures. Once students have made arrangements to take an exam in TLC with their instructors, the instructor will need to provide TLC with the examination as well as any exam proctoring instructions. Students should be  prepared to present photo identification upon checking in with the testing clerk. When or if students are unable to present photo identification prior to taking an exam, they will be asked to obtain the appropriate identification and to return. Additionally, students are only permitted to take testing materials (those specified by the instructor) into the testing facility; therefore, students should be prepared to leave all personal property, including cell phones, books, backpacks, bags, and other electronic devices in designated lockers  for the duration of the exam. When making exam arrangements with your instructor, please inquire about any testing accommodations you may need so that faculty can inform TLC staff can ensure that the students’ needs are met; TLC is only able to provide students with accommodations if the instructor has included the student’s accommodation information on the Examination Information Slip. TLC provides test proctoring services on the Valencia campus during Winter 2015:   Monday and  Thursday from 9am-5pm and Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am-7pm (Valencia Campus).  The Canyon Country testing room is closed for winter session; however, students may take exams in The Learning Center, room 306, if necessary.
                                                                                        Testing for COC online and hybrid classes

Students who are enrolled in online/hybrid classes  at COC need to make prior arrangements to take exams in TLC at the Valencia campus by making an appointment by clicking HERE at least 48 hours in advance.  It is strongly encouraged that students make arrangements to take their exam as soon as possible to ensure a guaranteed appointment time; when no additional appointment times are available or if students arrive late to their scheduled appointment time, they will be placed on a waitlist and may not be able to take their exam until space becomes available. Because students have a scheduled appointment, they should take travel time and parking limitations into consideration, ensuring their timely arrival.  Once students have arrived for their exam appointment, they should be prepared to provide a government issued or COC photo identification and to leave all personal belongings in designated lockers; only testing materials specified by the instructor will be allowed into the testing facility. TLC provides test proctoring services on the Valencia campus during Winter 2015:  Monday and  Thursday from 9am-5pm and Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am-7pm.  Students must arrive in enough time to complete  their exam before closing. Please see Exam Proctoring at Other Institutions for information if you do not live locally as making these arrangements will be a 7-10 (business) day process which requires specific steps.  Due to time limitations of summer and winter sessions, it is highly advisable that students plan to take their exams at the Valencia campus rather than an alternative site.  If you have any questions, please email or call 661-362-3194.

BYU Exams


Many students choose to take online through Brigham Young University. Students taking exams through BYU may choose College of the Canyons as the proctoring location. Students are welcome to utilize The Learning Center for these exams and do not have to be students registered for classes at COC. Keep in mind that when ordering exams through BYU, it will take 7-10 business days for the exam to arrive at TLC. Please keep deadlines for examination completion in mind. If time is of the essence, BYU allows for expedited shipping at the student’s expense. If the exam is sent overnight, it will arrive at TLC in two business days. Also be aware that though students may have a specified time to complete the entire class (i.e. one year), some examinations have specific deadlines that do not coincide with class completion. All expired exams are returned to BYU. Finally, students must make an appointment to have their exam proctored. No exceptions. Students without an appointment will not be offered an opportunity to take an exam, and a picture identification is required. Please call 661-362-3194 to make your appointment.

                                                                                       Student Exam Proctoring at Another Institution

For students enrolled in a COC class who wish to take an exam at a location other than COC, prior arrangements must be made with the instructor of record,  coordinated and approved with testing staff in The Learning Center The instructor will need to verify in writing with the COC proctor that the student is able to take their exam elsewhere. It is the student’s responsibility to locate a  proctor (i.e. an institute of higher learning, public library, or other acceptable location). It is the student’s responsibility to provide the name, organization, title, phone, fax, and email to TLC testing staff will contact the proposed proctor and send necessary forms. Allow 7-10 working days for proctoring arrangements to be made. Please call 661-362-3194 or email for further information.  Please keep in mind that due to language and time differences, international arrangements may take longer. Because of time constraints of winter and summer sessions, it is highly recommended that students plan to take their exams at the Valencia campus as indicated in their instructor's Welcome Letter or course syllabus.
Proctoring Exams For  Students From Other Institutions
One of the services The Learning Center (TLC) offers is proctoring tests for non-COC students. For this to happen, College of the Canyons needs to be set up as an approved proctor for the university where the student is enrolled.
If the student goes to Brigham Young University (BYU),  Western Governor’s University (WGU), or Cerro Coso,  TLC has already been approved to proctor for these universities. All the student must do is order the test from their university. The student will need to contact TLC at 661-362-3194 to verify receipt of examination materials and secure an appointment time in which to take the exam. 
If the student attends a university other than BYU or WGU, they will need to provide Kimberly Haglund’s information to their university. Some universities require only the contact information, while others require the contact information and a signature. Check with your institution. You may also email for further information. Please be aware of closure dates as TLC does not offer proctoring services year round. Currently, we are closed to proctoring from December 8th-February 5th.
GED Testing at College of the Canyons 
As an official GED Test site, you will need to go directly to the Pearson webpage to make appointments and find out information about the GED. Please make sure you clearly understand the guidelines regarding what types of identification are acceptable, and be on time for your testing appointment. Testers presenting inappropriate forms of identification and those arriving late will not be admitted. Please contact Pearson if you have questions or concerns regarding testing procedures. To make your appointment, once at the Pearson site, you will:  
1)      Click on  -Test taker services
2)      Click on -  1) Category: Academic
3)      Click on – 2) Program: GED®
4)      You are now on GED Testing Services
Follow the prompts
·         to complete application
·         select and pay for the individual tests
·          select testing site, day and time to take your test*
READ and Follow all instructions for registration requirements for the day of testing.
 Please do not contact College of the Canyons directly.  Once your arrangements have been made through Pearson, your test will take place in The Learning Center, LTLC-161 inside The Learning Center, adjacent to the library.  Click here for a campus map and parking instructions