The Grants Development website is for faculty, staff and administrators seeking external funding for their projects. If you are a student interested in information about grants for students, please contact the Financial Aid office.
The mission of the Office of Grants Development is to obtain external funding to support college projects, coordination of the development of proposals in conjunction with appropriate administrators, managers, staff and faculty, and the monitoring of funded grants.

The Grants Development Office supports faculty, staff, managers and administrators in coordination of the proposal from initial idea to submission. For more information, please contact Theresa Zuzevich at x3644 or Ryan Theule at x5930.
The purpose of the Grants Development Office is to facilitate the design, development, and acquisition of discretionary grants that further the mission and strategic goals of College of the Canyons. Specifically, the Office:
  • Assists in identification of appropriate funding sources.
  • Facilitates planning and budgeting of proposed projects and activities.
  • Provides technical assistance and support in development of proposals.
  • Helps ensure project consistency with COC's mission and priorities, with funding agency requirements, and with applicable state and federal guidelines.
  • Coordinates preparation and submission of all proposals for grant funding.
Grants Development Committee
The Grants Development Office oversees the Grants Development Committee, which meets every other Wednesday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Please contact the Grants Development Office if you would like to be added to the committee.
Priorities for Grant Project Development
Grant projects are most effective when they are developed to address real needs that are consistent with the College's mission and goals. Priority is generally given to projects and activities that support:
  • Equipment and resources for programs to which the College is already committed.
  • Other elements of programs (e.g., curriculum development, student support) to which the College is already committed.
  • New programs that enhance specific aspects of the College's long range plan or current priorities and are self-supporting for their duration.
  • New initiatives that may not be self supporting, but would enhance specific aspects of the College's long-range plan or current priorities. Such projects could be limited to the life of the grant or be designed for integration into the ongoing operation of the college.
Academic Department, Division & Executive Approvals
It is important to gain institutional approval for your grant idea before you invest too much time in developing the project. A brief description of your concept, match requirements (if any), District obligations (if any), sustainability plan and a tentative budget must be submitted for review and approval by the relevant department head/coordinator, division dean, Vice President, and the Grants Executive Cabinet Review Committee before a final proposal is developed. This review process is designed to ensure proposed projects are consistent with institutional priorities and have the support required for success.

Costs of Grants
While the benefits of grant funded projects are great, few grants come without a price or a requirement for sustainability when funding ends. Even the most highly funded project can bring substantial direct and indirect costs for the college. Release-time that gives a faculty member the opportunity to work on a special project will require classroom replacement by a colleague or adjunct. New or expanded programs may require additional space or facility renovations. Even a small project may require substantial college costs in the form of faculty or staff salaries and benefits; equipment and laboratory use; office or classroom space; counseling, tutoring, admissions, recruiting or other college services; clerical support; and more. Therefore, all grant proposals must be carefully considered in the context of financial commitments that will be required by the College.

Regulations and Requirements
Proposals must be consistent with the mission and goals of College of the Canyons, policies established by the Board of Trustees of Santa Clarita Community College District, laws of the State of California, and applicable federal laws and regulations.
Frequently Asked Questions
Additional information is available here: Grants FAQ