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NEXT Emergency Medical Technichian (EMT) (Hlhsci 151) class is scheduled for Fall  2015.   Apply and register through Admissions and Records. Please read through our EMT webpagesfor additional information.
REFRESHER CLASS (HlhSci 153) tenatively scheduled for Winter 2016.  See below for additional information.
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Skills Testing will no longer be offered at College of the Canyons. Please check the LA County EMS Agency website for other authorized providers.

Breaking news!!   August 7th, 2014 - all EMT students will be required to obtain a "Hospital Fire and Life Safety Card" at their cost. (this is also called "the Blue card") We are currently working with our  Community Education Department  to offer several classes later this summer and early fall for the Fall EMT classes.  We will not accept online cards.  Watch the Community Education webpage for dates and times!The class is listed as "Healthcare Fire Safety" on the Community Education link:
An additional provider may be found listed under "Links" on the EMT webpages.

 Breaking news!! NREMT Exam update! Effective January 1, 2015, Authorizations to Test (ATT) for National EMS Certification will be valid for 90 days from the date of issuance, provided all other requirements for National EMS Certification are met. Candidates who do not complete their cognitive examination prior to the expiration date will be required to complete a new application, including payment of the application fee. No refunds will be issued for expired Authorizations to Test. Please refer to the updated NREMT policy on the NREMT website for additional information. https://www.nremt.org/nremt/downloads/RefundPolicyATTReceived.pdf
 (If you submit payment and receive Authorization to Test, you must schedule and take the test within 90 days!)
Next Refresher Class is   tenatively scheduled for Winter 2016. Listed as Health Science 153.
Schedule will be posted on college website.  Student must attend all four days. No exceptions.  For additional information, please click "Classes" tab at the top of page.
  • Students must apply and register through Admissions and Records for the Refresher Course, Health Science 153. This course approved for 24 hours of Continuing Education effective Summer 2014.
  •  Please check the admissions and records website for further information.
  • If you are having difficulty registering for this class as you did not take your original EMT program at COC, please pick up a Petition for Course Repetition form from Admissions and Records. You will need to attach a copy of your current or lapsed EMT card and if available, a copy of your original EMT Course Completion form. Turn this in to Admissions and Records, attention Debbie Sall. It will be forwarded to the EMT Program Director for approval and you will be added to the class. Please monitor your my.canyons email for updates! If you have any other concerns, please email patti.haley@canyons.edu  and include your phone number and name.
  • Students will receive all college notifications through the my.canyons email.
  • To receive email notifications, sign up for my.canyons email when you apply.
  • Students must have an official my.canyons email address to receive emails from the school or instructors!!
The EMT Program celebrated it's 43rd anniversary during 2015.
The EMT Program at College of the Canyons prepares the student to render prehospital basic life support at the scene of an emergency, during transport of the sick and injured, or during interfacility transfer within an organized EMS system.  The program integrates ethics, anatomy, physiology, basic life support, communication skills, patient assessment, trauma care and transportation of the prehospital patient. The program includes the Los Angeles County Scope of Practice 2011.
The student will participate in clinical hours at an Emergency Department and in an ambulance.
The EMT Program prepares the student for the National Registry Exam and certification in Los Angeles County and State of California as an EMT.
Our curriculum is based on the Department of Transportation's National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards 2009.
College of the Canyons EMT Program is approved by Los Angeles County EMS Agency, State of California and the  National Registry of EMTs.