Welcome to Connie's Home Page!
Thank you for visiting my personal webpage.  I hope you take a moment to navigate through the various links associated with college and career resources.  Education plays a critical role in achieving personal and career success.  I always tell students to start early and seek out the information regarding their career and to cultivate relationships on campus that will ease your transition in college.   I hope that you find your college experience a positive one and that you take advantage of the services provided to you through the Counseling office.
Good luck!
Connie Perez, M.S.
Office Location: Canyons Hall 2nd Floor
Main Office Telephone Number:  (661) 362-3287
It's important to see a counselor at least once a semester to discuss your academic and careers goals, and to ensure that you are completing the correct courses towards your goal.  Make an appointment early!  Do not wait until the last minute as spaces will be limited.   We schedule appointments 10 days into the calendar so plan accordingly.  A counselor can help you develop your educational plan.  We suggest that you make an appointment in October for Spring semester and in March for Summer/Fall semester.
To schedule a counseling appointment you may:
Call the counseling office at (661) 362-3287 or
Come to the counseling office (http://www.canyons.edu/offices/counseling) in person or
Schedule an appointment online at http://www.canyons.edu/offices/counseling/esars/