The Student Success and Support Program staff at College of the Canyons welcomes our students and appreciates the opportunity to teach, inspire, nurture, and be an integral part of their learning process.
The Student Success and Support Program (3SP) is both a program and a process designed to support and encourage student success. The mission of 3SP includes ensuring fair and equal access to campus resources, accurate and unbiased assessment and placement, and the provision of quality guidance and support for students to reach their educational goals.
College of the Canyons enters into an agreement with its students that acknowledges the mutual responsibilities of both student and college to work together to achieve educational objectives. The college agrees to: provide an open access admissions process, fair and accurate assessment and placement, an orientation, student services, counseling and advisement on course selection, a curriculum or program of courses, follow-up on student progress with referral to support services when needed, and a program of institutional research and evaluation.
For the student, the agreement includes at least a general identification of an educational goal at the point of enrollment and declaration of a specific educational objective after reaching 15 college units. Students agree to be responsible for consistent class attendance, to complete assigned coursework, and to maintain constructive progress toward their educational goals. Students agree to participate in orientation, assessment, counseling and other follow-up services as designated by the college to help them reach their educational goals.